Tattoo Chairs Guide

It is important for tattoo studios and artists to have quality chairs and tables when performing the art of tattooing. As most people know, receiving a tattoo is not the most comfortable experiences in life (unless you enjoy pain), and providing comfort along with easy accessibility is essential.

There are many tattooing chairs on the market today that will not only compliment any studios style, but also provide the features necessary for body art. Many people are mistaken that beauty salon chairs or massage tables would be suitable for the needs of a tattoo artist. This is entirely untrue, tattoo specific chairs offer the much need support rests for the arm and feet and quality chair allow the user to modify the height of not only the chairs, but also the arm and leg height.

FabTec claims to be the original tattoo furniture manufacturer, that was developed for tattoo artists by tattoo artists. These tattoo-chairs-for-saleĀ  are easily convertible to a tattoo table, and include adjustable back rests, stainless steel arms, and 2 inches of foam for increased comfort. The arms of these tables adjust on four axis, from up, down, around or in and out. The legs also offer specific adjustments in one inch increments, making it suitable for the vertically challenged and basketball players alike!

If you already have found a quality chair, and are in need of a table as well, there are tables specific to the art of tattooing as well. A quality table will be no only comfortable, but designed to assist the artist. The Oakworks portable tattoo table is affordable without compromising quality. Priced at $254, it offers a 3 inch multi-purpose foam padding, that is easy to clean. Extending to 73 inches in length and 30 inches in width, it will suit the needs of any size. The height is also adjustable between 24 and 34 inches with a maximum weight capacity of 500 pounds.

So if you are furnishes your own studio, or looking for a good chair for your booth, make sure to purchase a quality tattoo chair or table.