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In recent times, tattoos have become extremely popular. Previously getting a tattoo done on the skin was not that popular or common among the common people. Tattoos were mostly associated with a group of people like sailors, bikers or sideshow artists. However, the scenario has changed remarkably and considerably in the recent years. More and more people are taking interests in tattoos and getting a tattoo done on different skin parts of their bodies. Tattoo designs have become a in thing and is a almost a rage with many people considering to get a tattoo done on their hands, arms, backs and other various parts of the body.

Permanent tattoos have become more of a trend now than the washable and temporary tattoos. A tattoo gun is an essential part of the tattoo making process if you want to get a permanent tattoo done on your skin. A tattoo gun machine or a tattoo gun is the machine that the tattoo maker uses to design or apply a permanent tattoo on your skin.

A tattoo gun is a handheld machine, which has the shape of a gun. A tattoo gun is used to apply tattoos on the body. The tattoo guns for sale allow tattoo artists to penetrate ink or pigment into the skin while applying a tattoo on the skin. A tattoo maker is enabled to make tiny and small hand movements with the tattoo gun. The movements of the tattoo gun are gentle, and so it can even be used on the face, while applying permanent make up. Tattoo gun has got its name due to its gun shape. It is still commonly referred by this name in Europe, but the Americans call it tattoo machine.

One will be surprised to know that the tattoo machine gun was primarily invented by Thomas Edison, the same person who invented the light bulb. The tattoo machine gun got its patent as an autographic printer in the United States of America in the year of 1876. In the year of 1891, Samuel O’Reily developed and designed the tattoo machine gun based on the autographic printer. He tailored the printer into a tattoo machine gun, by adding a tube and a needle system to it.

Though the use of tattoo guns is quite widespread and popular, but not many are aware of the process how a tattoo gun works. A tattoo guns works in a very interesting manner. Electro magnetic coils are used by the tattoo gun to enable the movement of the needle up and down. This allows driving the pigment into the skin while applying the tattoo.

This electrically powered tattoo machine gun makes a sound like a dental drill the needle moves up and down. The needle moves up and down around 80 to 150 times per second, allowing the tattoo maker to drive the ink into the skin without moving his hand. The tattoo guns enable the tattoo inks to go into the dermis or the lower layer of the skin. The needles of the tattoo machine guns make small holes in the skin, where the ink is deposited. So if you want a permanent tattoo done, then you will need a tattoo gun, whether you go to a parlor or do the tattoo at home.